1st step into the blogosphere

I read a lot of articles and various posts on how to start a blog and what to write in it. I can’t say that some information has been useful for me, except for the forum, where I was given an advice to choose WordPress as a platform. In other articles I read just phrases like: “write information, which will be interesting to other people», «before creating a blog – prepare at least 10 articles for publication …” But as Chuck Palahniuk wrote “In fact, nothing is new anymore. Everything is already there. And all of what we think already has stroked millions of other people.” So, if you write something that is close and clear to you, people, who understand and accept it, will turn up. The trick is to write interesting, but only direct readers of the content are able to assess it. And if you wait until the 10 articles will be prepared to start the blog, you may never actually start it.

The first step is always difficult to make. I spent for the registration and the publication of the first post a whole day. No, I was not sitting at the computer all the time constraining each word. But all the time I was pondering the publication. During this day, I have changed 5 topics for the first post and have found another 3 for the following posts.

Another important decision taken – try to write in a positive way. I will attract positive karma, or how it is correct to say? )) Maybe it’s just a fiction, but how then to explain the superhuman luck of some people?


– A blog created;

– First publication is done;

– 3 ideas for future posts are found;

– One day is spent.

It’s not too hard to start blogging. It is difficult to achieve the goals you pursue when creating it. Whatever your goals are in the blogosphere, have a good luck!


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