St. Valentine’s Day – it’s all about perception!

I hope everybody have already read the stories on the origin of this holiday?! Because that’s not what I’m going to write about. I’m just going to examine this holiday from 2 diametrically opposed points of view (positive and negative).


This holiday “bestows”  to  the   single   people  complexes,      negativity,  stress, mental  disorders.  On this day,  seeing  all  around love attributes –  beads, flowers, hearts, all  kinds –  single people have  particularly acute  sense of  loneliness. As a result, a lot of stress adversely affects health, increasing queues at pharmacies and the number of calls in the ambulance.

Add to this that in February, the last month of winter, is the most depressing part of the year. And, according to the sad statistics, it accounts the largest number of suicides. Guess which day of February holds the record for suicides? That’s right, the 14th …

Moreover, this day is also associated with broken dreams for many people. Every year you promise yourself that till the next St. Valentine’s you will find a partner, but that February 14th is closer and closer and you are alone again …

Not only single people exposed to stress this day. According to statistics from Facebook, composed exclusively of users’ status (“In a relationship”, “Single”, etc.), separations often occur between the St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) and April 1. Due to public pressure and thought that this day should be special, people are often disillusioned with their partner because he/she did not do anything as we had imagined, as we were showed it on TV …

All of this demonstration of the mutual love of happiness cause a feeling that everyone around is much more passionate than you, and have a lot more sex. You find yourself pulled into some kind of an absurd contest between pairs. “Yeah, Charlotte from the marketing department got the most expensive roses, but you went to the most expensive restaurant…”

Some Statistics

83 % of those who celebrates are young people aged 18-35 years.

Surprisingly, 54 % of women hate this holiday. In general, it appears that men love this day far more than women: in a ratio of 25% to 12%.

38 % of women and 53 % of men would like to celebrate this day with a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, 39 percent of women dream to spend this evening at home.


Admit that running through the shops in search of wacky gifts with hearts for your second half is not so scary, and even pleasant.

This day is a great chance for indecisive people to finally decide to share their feelings. This is yet another reason to drop everything and spend the day as you like. And if you’re still single, you can arrange cool “anti-Valentine” party, and there may be get acquainted with someone. You can present hearts to your friends, overeat chocolate …. You decide how to spend this day: in depression, or like a real holiday. It’s all about YOU and your own perception of the situation.

I would like to transfer Valentine’s Day to another plane! That it become not a “professional day” held on love couples, but a universal day of love, which did not fill people with frustration and emptiness, and gave them confidence and hope.

And those who have already found a partner, I want to ask on Valentine’s Day to not only revel with beloved half, but be more responsive to the people, who are lonely. And give them a little more attention than usual.


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