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Marketing Revolution

I’m usually not so excited about some conferences, trainings, lectures, because even in case that it was interesting and fascinating, anyway information evaporates from my brain really fast.

My friend proposed me to work as a journalist on a conference “Marketing Revolution”. And I said-YES! It was an interesting challenge and this work was about communication with marketing directors of different companies, to whom I may come one day as a candidate for a job position.

I spent two amazing days on this conference chatting with those passionate, successful, interesting people.

Ok, maybe, I’ll forget information from presentations. But I will remember people, light in their eyes. I will remember how they talk about their occupation. And that is really inspiring! I know I’m on the right way. I want to become a part of this world and I will!!!


Business cards for unemployed or how to promote your own brand!

There is a stereotype that visit cards are purposed only for people, who are involved in the business to share them with clients and partners. But why not to give business cards to potential employers, to people, with whom you just want to stay in touch?!

I faced the situation, in which I needed business cards. I was going to work as a journalist at the conference “Marketing Revolution” and communicate with marketing managers from various companies, to which I may apply in the future for a job. So I decided to make business cards!

Visit card of a young specialist, who are looking for a job, should include the following information:

  • Name (Obviously, your name should be included on your networking card);
  • link on your resume on the web ( Use your business cards to direct people to it);
  • a few bullet points about your sphere (e.g., “*Sales, *Marketing, *Promotions”);
  • Contact Information

Here are some examples of good business cards? which inspired me to design my own card:



 And now, my own business card from both sides:


The Top 5 Reasons Why People Like Lists

Numbers attract!

Feature of all magazine covers – the use of numbers. 7 Ways, 40 reasons, 6 secrets. Sometimes it comes to the absurd – on the cover of a magazine referred to the number surpasses 300.

The figures also good “catchy look.” They stand out from the rest of the text, in addition, they are more informative, they create the illusion of specificity. The figures are often found in web banners, and in the city for outdoor advertising.

If you have a choice, write “seven ways” or “7 Ways”, then choose the second variant. It is thought, that a person actually reads only the first three digits on a page. Therefore, “just over 300 000 ‘may be better than” 300 125 “.

Lists! We make them every day. But why they are so widespread?!

5. A simple headline: There’s a reason that newspapers have people to write the headlines of the articles. When the headline is about a top ten list, it’s a perfectly relevant headline. If people are even remotely interested in the topic, they’ll look.

4. Lists bring order to chaos. We like to classify and organize things. A list simply does that.

3. Lists are easy to skim. They have numbers beside them. They often have bold copy on the front part of the list so people can skim them quickly.

2. A good way to start communication. Lists are a great way to generate conversation. And social media, at its best, is about generating conversations. They might not happen under the lists. Also, arguing means sharing.

1. People like to see what’s on it, and the order. As soon as people see a list, they immediate wonder what’s on it. And so, the #1 thing on the list either affirms what they are thinking, or are completely wrong. That kind of black and white point ensures that people will be engaged.

And also it’s just a fascinating anti-stress activity. Make a list of films, places, where you would like to go or just to do list and than just to cross out them one by one. Progress is visible.

So, make lists!